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Seabreeze Quilters Inc

Seabreeze Quilters are a community based quilting group that meet monthly at the Altona Meadows Library & Learning Centre. They began in January 2006 at the Louis Joel Centre in Altona with around 16 members and now boast a group of around 50 members (who incidently, have made it very clear to its members and visitors that "patchwork police" aren't allowed in the door!!)

Members are mainly from the Hobsons Bay area of Williamstown, Altona, Laverton, Seabrook, Newport, Brooklyn and Spotswood, although many members are from other areas outside of Hobsons Bay.

Seabreeze Quilters offers a close-knit social network and skill sharing that is accepted and enjoyed by all members. They take care to encourage beginners as well as seasoned patchworkers via a 'show 'n tell' session at each monthly meeting.

Hexagons by Seabreeze Quilters